Ray Ray's Juke Joint


Well, I walked in to one of my old haunts.
It used to be a honky-tonk Heaven.
Some old slicker done bought the place,
An' lit it up like a 7-11.
Yes, they fired the band that used to play,
"Okie From Muskogee".
An' hired some dude with his hat on back'ards,
Singin' hip-hop and karaoke.

Should of know it was gonna happen,
Bein' this close town.
Oh but I know a beer joint back in the woods,
That them city folks still ain't found.

You make a right at the stomp with the barbed wire in it,
Where the old church used to be.
Then a mile mad curve on the gravel,
Gonna throw you right off the road into Choctaw Creek.
There's a one-lane bridge, just keep it in the middle,
Pretty soon that road's gonna end.
Welcome to Ray Ray's Juke Joint down in the holler:
Y'all come…