Stars in Alabama


I said, momma don't you worry
I'm gettin' by just fine out on the road

Yea tonight we play in Knoxville
And tomorrow night its back to music road
No I don't know when I'm coming home
Montgomery seems so very far away
She said boy it wouldn't kill you now
To look out pass the bright lights out on that stage

Cause got put stars in Alabama
You just cant find in Tennessee
The same ones are waiting on you
That taught you how to dream
I know there big names up in Nashville
And you'll be one before too long
Got put stars in Alabama
To help you find your way back home

I hung up the phone and I could feel the emptiness at 80 mph
And I listen close and I could hear my heart beating louder than the tires
This old bus was headed west, but my mind was drifting somewhere…